Cristy’s Pride Tutoring is a comprehensive program in Mathematics and Fine Arts. 


Our academic program begins with a thorough assessment of each student to determine their level of knowledge, skill or ability in their area of interest.


We will use the most up to date programs, books and materials to teach our students.


​Our tutors are trained in the implementation of our academic assessment and materials along with program philosophy by the director of each program.


We aspire for consistency of delivery and execution by our tutors.


Our Mathematics program

consists of the following subjects:



A review of Basic Math skills: if a weakness is determined to exist or a review is requested/required.


Algebra 1: represents the foundation for all higher Level Mathematics. We believe a solid understanding of this subject is a MUST!


Geometry: this course creates problems for many students and we have experienced tutors that can take you around all the angles and curves.


Algebra II: This course is a step up in complexity and is a required course for University admission. Success at this level builds confidence to keep challenging yourself mathematically.


Pre- Calculus/Trigonometry: Typically, success in this course greatly improves your chances for acceptance into a University. As a rule, the higher Level a student has in Mathematics, the greater the chance for College or University admission.


Calculus: our highest level class, success in this course gives you a great shot at a spot in the UC system.


Performing Arts

Cristy loved the Performing Arts, from 4th to 10th grade she was in a series of plays each year, playing top roles in many of them, singing, dancing and acting her heart out. She loved it!


We want to give students the opportunity to live this experience by polishing their skills and having fun. 

Fine Arts

Sketching, Drawing, Painting and Sculpting were all interests of Cristy's. She loved all types of Art! She took classes, read books, and watched videos to improve her skills. 

If you have this type of passion for Fine Art, we want to help you develop it.

Cristy lived for music, she watched it, listened to it, played it on her guitar, base and keyboard. It was a huge part of her life.


If you have a passion for music, we want to help you learn it from the roots of its theory on up to playing an instrument.



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