Dec 15, 2016

Expectations were exceeded, as children developed cognitive skills and abilities in the area of math, literacy, and psychosocial, as evidenced and demonstrated through the results obtained by students in state tests, of qualifications, in addition to this the psychological accompaniment allowed the adequate cognitive as well as behavioral development of some of our students.


The level of motivation of our population is quite high which has allow to have an active participation.



- Ninoska Barceló Oviedo


2016 Results Report!
Dec 13, 2016
Fundraising Golf
Tournament U.S.A


Last Sunday, December 11, at the Costa del Sol golf club, a golf tournament was held to raise funds for the Christy's Pride Tutoring Foundation, which was attended by more than 30 participants who had the opportunity to enjoy, in an excellent field.


We rewarded 2 categories according to the handicap and we counted on the patronage of SAILS Group, Alf, Ministry the Renew, Alob, Nova Group, Connections, The Brains Burnch, G events.


Thanks to all who participate!

Nov 28, 2016

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Nov 25, 2016
Fundraising Golf
Tournament U.S.A

Fundraising Golf Tournament that benefits Cristy's Pride Tutoring on December 11th for only $ 90 dollars!


All participants will enjoy a great day of friendship competition! A welcome gift and lunch are included and all the balls rank. In the end, an awards ceremony is scheduled.


Come with us for a perfect golf day with raffles and many surprises! For only $ 90 per player.


For reservations, click here!

Cristy's Pride Fundraiser 2016


Thank you all for attending our 2016 event to raise funds in the United States! 


All funds raised at the event will be used to provide shoes and briefcases to the children of the foundation.


Again, thanks to all who could be present at the event and also to those who supported us but were unable to attend.


All united for a better education!

Oct 15, 2016
Aug 24, 2016

Banquete Pro Fondo


Cristy's Pride Foundation is proud and pleased to announce our 2016 fundraising event!


Come and join us on this special day and be part of the support that the foundation needs to continue the work of improving the future of our children through tutoring.  


Restaurante La Cueva

Martes 4 de Octubre

Cra. 43 N. 59 - 03

7:00 pm


Believing in Yourself is the Magic.

Junio 5, 2015

Event 'Plan Godfather' June 25, 2015!


Everyone in the Cristy's Pride team is ready to share a day with potential sponsors to support our cause. 


We are very excited about this event and to have this opportunity to continue with our mission and vision.


Cristy's Pride Tutoring, for a better future!

A Social Integration Activity with
Cristy's Pride Tutoring
Watch the video! :)
Junio 3, 2015
Celebrating Kids' Day
We celebrate 'Kids' Day' with students of Cristy's Pride at  It was a day full of fun and learning activities. DIVERCITY!
The children of the 5 educational institutions attended:
  • IED Hilda Muñóz
  • IED El Silencio
  • IED Cultural Las Malvinas
  • IED Inmaculada Concepcion
  • IED Cl Pueblo.
Closing 2013, that's how we ended the year!
For us, it is an honor to close this year and thank all the hard work and disinterested of our tutors and the help of all of you. We achieved the goals set out at the beginning of this adventure, always looking for the welfare of our students.
This year only brought us gratitude, joy, and learning. We prepare to receive 2014 with love and next to all those who trusted our proposal for a better quality of life and a better future for our students. From this year we forge a better present and a perfect future, where learning opens doors and gratitude hearts. We invite you to continue with us, to fight together, because they deserve it and need us.



We want to make you part of this great achievement, of this goal that Cristy dreamed of and today comes true.

Cristy always wanted to do something for her country and she succeeded. Her foundation will open doors in many hearts and with pride, Colombia will receive Cristy's Pride Tutoring!


Our teachers and volunteers are ready to welcome all students who want to start or continue the journey of learning, registrations are always open.


Dreams do come true.


Dear Students, parents,

friends, volunteers, and sponsors!

My wife Vivian and I wish to welcome you all personally to Cristy's Pride Tutoring, a division of Kids First Foundation in the U.S.A. and It's own separate foundation in the country of Colombia.


As many of you may know, the program is named in honor of and in dedication to our daughter Cristina who left us on February 6th, 2013 for her eternal life at the young age of 24.


We felt that Cristy had some unfinished work here on Earth that she wanted us to continue for her. Throughout her high school and college years, Cristy tutored her friends and classmates who needed her assistance, especially in the subject of Mathematics which came so easily to her. She was planning on getting her Master's in Education and Teaching High School students in inner-city schools when her life suddenly came to an end.


Cristy's Pride is an organization created to provide tutoring to children who are struggling in the subject of Mathematics and would like to develop their Fine Arts skills but their families do not have the means of paying for those services.


Help us make Cristy's dream a reality by helping the children in need where ever they may be, by supporting Cristy's Pride Tutoring with your donation of time, money or resources.




Ihab & Vivian ELShahawi


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