Our mission is to honor the memory and passion of our loving daughter Cristina by providing free tutoring services to children who understand the importance of advancing but are suffering from unfortunate conditions.


We are actively empowering these children to fulfill their personal potential and raise their self-esteem so they can achieve their goals and dreams.


We are assisting the children we serve to reach their full potential and while giving them the guidance, show them that there is a way to rise above their current situation, not settle for it. We truly believe in giving every child the opportunity to succeed.


This is accomplished by teaching them, motivating them and providing them with positive social praise for their focused work and progress. This promotes the improvement of these children's self-esteem while providing them a healthy self-image. 

Cristy’s Pride Tutoring is in the spirit of Cristina El Shahawi, and for all the beauty and heartfelt giving that she stood for.


To honor her Interests, Memory, and Achievements, we have created this free program that offers assistance to children in need of additional guidance and development in the areas of Mathematics and Fine Arts. 


Cristy’s focus has always been strong, always mastering whatever subject or activity she enjoyed, including high-level math, music, dance, theater and fine arts. Cristy was a graduate of Leysin American School, Leysin, Switzerland and Hofstra University, Long Island, New York with a Double Major in Mathematics and Graphic Arts.


Her brilliance and dedication to education will be carried through to the countless children in need both in the USA and throughout the World. 


As a Math and Fine Arts Mentor, Cristy had extensive experience tutoring high school and college students herself and was applying to begin her Master's Degree in Education and a desire to work as a teacher in inner-city schools.


Her family is proud to offer the best program possible to carry out her mission. Our daughter's spirit lives on in everyone she touched, and we wish to continue Cristy's personal belief in positive heartfelt guidance and support to the children of the world.







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