LOWER SCHOOL  (Ages 6-10)

It's very important for our young elementary school children to grasp the basic concepts of mathematics in order to build a strong base of the basics.


Many children suffer later on in their studies due to a poor foundation filled with cracks.


It is our desire and intent to insure that these young learners are learning the basics completely and truely understand the concepts in order to be able to build on them in later years.


Our tireless tutors will work with them until they are confident they have fully learned and internalized each and every lesson.

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MIDDLE SCHOOL  (Ages 10-14)

Students coming to us in this age range are ready to transition from basic mathematics concepts to Algebra and beyond.


If their basics are weak in any area, this is the time to go back and shore that up. If they skipped learning any of the earlier concepts, this is the time to learn them and fill in their gaps. If they have forgotten some important principles, this is the time to re-learn them.


Our tutors will assess each and every student to see where their weaknesses lie, and focus on strengthening those areas in preparation for the next steps to come.

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UPPER SCHOOL  (Ages 14-18)

Assessment of the student's level of competency is the first step for our High School students.


Once an appropriate level of competency is determined, all basic weaknesses are addressed, the fun begins!


Beginning with our courses in Algebra, followed by Geometry, Algebra II, Triginometry, Pre-Calculus and finally Calculus.


Our students will be led by our professional and knowledgeable tutors through each level of competency they wish to attain in order to succeed in these courses in their respective schools and to prepare them for the the future college admission tests and courses they will be required to complete to reach their personal, educational and professional goals. 

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Passionate about helping our students achieve their educational goals
  • Our tutors inspire our students to not just get by, but to aspire for higher levels of success.

  • We actively seek exceptional tutors with unique talents and successes in these areas.

  • All our tutors have been cleared through our mandatory live Scan background check.

  • We feature our tutors and their professional work on our website.



Greg Schmidt, UCSB Graduate with degrees in Biology and Math


We are proud that “Tutor Greg” brings a lot to our program !  Not only is he well rounded in his degreed studies, he also can help students enrolled in music theory.  He has composed several of his own pieces, and feels strongly about music as the universal language that it is. 


Matthew Kirby


As with all the tutors, students will enjoy Matt.  This young, rare fellow is simply “over the top” with high level ideas.  He studied molecular biology and biotechnology at ASU.  He has spent the last 3 years in Research in Bacteriology and Microbiology, with 1.5 years in Fractal Geometry.


His formal training is in vaccine creation, genetic engineering, (molecular genetics), and the emerging field of bioinformatics.  His interests include teaching, research and education overall, with an emphasis on how mathematics, physics, chemistry and philosophy concurrently play a role in human health. 


Catherine Newhart


A truly supreme artist, Catherine has decades of experience in fine arts. Her paintings were commissioned by several museums. She feels strongly about art as a tool for healing and incorporates her extraordinary depth into her excellent work.  


Christopher Castle


A native San Diegan, Christopher brings a unique mature quality to our program. His charcoal sketchings and paintings are true gifts for all to enjoy.  He possesses the type of personality that simply makes you want to do something special with your own gifts.  In short, he has an ability to make an impact on our youth. 


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